GES Standard Hybrid Power Systems

Be more independent.

What are the effects of power outages on your small business or home office?

  • Lost productivity.
  • Loss of income.
  • Have to close your business’s doors due to inability to operate and security risks.
  • Damage to sensitive electronic equipment due to power surges when the power failure ends.
  • No electricity puts your safety and security at risk.
  • Electric gates and garage doors do not work.
  • Alarm and electric fences switch off.
  • No internet or Wi-Fi.

What are the effects of power outages on your household?

  • No electricity puts your safety and security at risk
  • Electric gates and garage doors do not work
  • House alarm and electric fences switch off
  • Stuff in the fridge and freezer rots
  • No TV – no sports, no movies, no chance to relax
  • Can’t charge electronic devices (e.g. laptops and cell phones)
  • No internet or Wi-Fi
  • No lights for kids to study


Up to now, we were all forced to use power for a central electricity grid, as there were no alternatives. But this has several disadvantages….


  • Biggest cause of air pollution. – Contributing to various human diseases
  • High volumes of CO2 emissions – Contributing to global warming
  • Power shortages – Causing load shedding
  • Expensive – High monthly electricity bills
  • Rising cost – Large uncontrollable price increases every year.


Some turn to generators for backup power solutions, but generator have several disadvantages


  • Can be very noisy
  • Cause air pollution an makes smoke.
  • Can be difficult to start
  • Must be kept filled up with fuel
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Consumes a lot of expensive fuel
  • Can be complicated and dangerous to connect to home DB

There has to be a better alternative way….

The better alternative way….

Renewable energy combined with local energy storage with or without grid backup.

GES Standard Hybrid Power Systems

The perfect backup power and solar power solution for your home, home office or small business…

Advantages of Inverter with batteries over generators


  • Very quiet operation
  • No air pollution
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Use solar power or Eskom power to charge batteries
  • Automatically and immediately supplies power when there is a power failure.
  • Clean safe power for expensive sensitive equipment such as medical devices and electronics.

Advantages of Solar Power over grid power


  • Pollution free, No CO2 or other harmful gasses emissions.
  • Abundance of Solar energy in South Africa.
  • No cost to the energy produces – free energy!
  • Initial investment pays for itself within a few years

Solar Power

Even in the Event of Grid Failure

How the GES Hybrid Power System Works

Fast and Reliable

The starting point is the PV system: during normal operation, one or more Sunny Boys feed the solar power generated by the PV system into the public grid, with high efficiency.

Only in the event of a grid fault or failure does the Sunny Backup system become active. The switching device disconnects the PV system and the loads from the grid in compliance with the appropriate standard.

While the system is switched to the domestic grid, the battery continues the loads’ power supply after

just 20 milliseconds. And the Sunny Backup 5000 functions as a “system manager”, coordinating all switching operations such as disconnection from

the grid, and transfer to the PV system, for example. Thus, every grid failure is compensated reliably

Economical and Innovative

In parallel to this, the PV system acts as energy source for the direct supply of loads, and for battery charging. Due to the integration of the PV system, a small and therefore low-cost battery can be implemented, as it is usually only needed to bridge the night hours.

With this combination of PV system and battery, the loads can be supplied with energy over long periods of operation, even in the event of a power outage. One of the prerequisites for this is consistent use of AC coupling in order to enable smooth interplay between the Sunny Backup and the solar inverters.

Select the right system for your needs.

Your options:

GES Standard Hybrid Power Systems – Frequently asked questions.

What is a hybrid power system?

A hybrid power system combines a solar power system with backup power. A grid-tied solar power system is dependant on the power grid to operate. If there is a power failure the solar system stops working. But with a hybrid power system, the Batteries and battery inverter will simulate a “local grid” for the grid tie inverter. Thus ensuring that there is always a grid available for the grid-tied inverter to work…

What is the benefits of a hybrid power system as supposed to just a backup power system of grid tied solar system?

Grid-tied solar systems, depend on a grid being present for it to work. If there is no grid for example during load shedding the solar system also stops working. Having a backup power system in place, allows the solar system to continue working, even if there is a grid power failure. This is achieved by the backup power inverter simulating a local grid for the grid tied inverter.

DB Board integration / installation

Our backup power solutions easily integrate with your existing DB Board.
We recommend that a new DB board be installed that is dedicated for backup power circuits.

An extra earth leakage protection switch is installed in this new DB board.

Then certain existing circuits can be moved over to the new “backup power DB Board”.

Alternatively extra plugs can be installed in addition to the existing plugs.

What is required before the backup power system can be installed?
  • Your current electrical installation must be up to standard and have a valid certificate of compliance before we will install our backup power solutions. We can arrange this for you.
  • An assessment of exactly what equipment and circuits needs to be on backup power. The total load of all the equipment on the backup power equipment and circuits needs to be calculated, in order to stay below the maximum power rating of your chosen inverter. We can assist in this.
What if I have 3phase power supply, how does your system work with three phase supply?
  • One of the three phases will have backup power. The other two phases will have no backup power.
  • We recommend moving all the essential loads that must be backed up to this one phase. The high consumption equipment such as geysers, and ovens can be left on the other two phases…
What does installation of your backup power system involve?

  • Installation and connection of batteries
  • Installation of inverter
  • Wire to and from your existing DB board to the inverter.
  • Separate New DB board, next to your existing DB board,
    • This DB board will accommodate all your lights and plug circuits that you want to be on UPS.
  • Labelling and testing
Are there any extra costs involved?

There could be, depending on your installation. We will do a site assessment before installation begins, and notify you of this. Some extra cost can be involved for

  • Rewiring of existing circuits to new UPS DB board
  • Fixing any existing earth faults or other problems.
  • To install a new plug point is.
  • Rewiring of existing equipment, for example, stoves, pumps and air cons.

GES Standard UPS Systems – Components and prices

All Turn-key Power Back-up Standard Solutions include:

  • Charger/Inverter
  • Battery / Batteries
  • AC Earth Leakage Protection
  • Battery Cables.

Equipment Costs

Your Options:

Delivery and Installation Cost

Price above is valid for all installation with the following criteria:

  • Installation is in the Johannesburg area
  • Up to 15m cable between DB Board and Inverter
  • 6 hours of electrical work

Any additional, time, travel or material will be at an additional cost.

Additional time might be required to sort out potential electrical earth faults or, to do any required rewiring of circuits.

Additional time is charged at R 450 per hour.

Additional travel is charged at R 4.00 per km.

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